The gender Tuber includes different kinds of fungi generally known with the name of truffles; all of them have a hypogeous fruit, as it grows underground, that spontaneously grows in soils close to the roots of specific trees, creating a symbiosis with it. Ancient documents show that truffles were already considered precious part of the diet of the Sumer population at the time of Jacob, or later during the Roman era. In this butter, you will find the enchanting scent and taste of the “par excellence” truffle. Use it as your inspiration dictates, as a seasoning element, in order to transmit the organoleptic properties of truffle.

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Whole Scorzone Summer truffle


Once grated, the black truffle, is fine for adding a touch of flavor to risotto, pasta sauces and sliced grilled meats.


Truffle hunts are carried out with the help of different dog breeds; it is a tradition that large sized, long curly haired crossbred dogs with brush-like tails are the best truffle hunters. Before dogs, the famous “truffle pigs” were used, but as the swine are really greedy for the “white pebbles” it was extremely difficult to snatch them from their mouth once they got hold of them. It wasn’t rare to witness a race between animal and human, both trying to get to the truffle before the other. Truffle hunters then switched to dogs, that are certainly more reliable, in spite of a feebler sense of smell.



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