An intense sauce that takes its name by the popular belief that who eats this sauce goes red in the face, because of its spiciness, and looks like someone cross (arrabbiato in Italian). This Roman recipe is made out of inexpensive ingredients (extra virgin olive oil, garlic, red chili pepper, Pecorino cheese and parsley), but their combined qualities are explosive. A classic dish for short pasta (penne, ziti rigati) it is also good with long rough surfaced pasta.

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Tomato pulp, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, salt, chilli pepper, basil, garlic.


Cook the pasta (best with penne or spaghetti) and add the Arrabbiata sauce, sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley and serve.


The name of the Arrabbiata (Angry) sauce comes from the fact that due to the chilli pepper contained in it, your cheeks tend to blush when you eat it. Tomatoes typically ripen in the summer, they are refreshing and rehydrating. They contain good levels of vitamin A, potassium and mineral salts. Another important element contained by tomatoes, particularly when they are ripe, is lycopene that is extremely useful in preventing cholesterol. Red chilli contains vitamin C that is useful for curing flu and colds. The antioxidants contained in red chilli promote blood circulation and it’s also known as a natural aphrodisiac.


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