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Let Food Arte take you on a wonderful gastronomic journey back to the ancient Italian culinary culture and rediscover the simple yet refined tastes of that gastronomic heritage.


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Food Arte was founded in 2004 with the goal of “Projecting Italian History into the Future” to bring the very best of the Italian gastronomic heritage in a historic and cultural context, but updated for a modern marketplace.  It is a new way of introducing “Planet Italy” to a global audience, the perfect way to get a taste of Italy while seated around your kitchen table.

Selected products

Chosen products are region-typical, originating from regions which are renowned for their gastronomic and cultural heritage for centuries. .

Products are prepared authentically by “Masters of Taste”, strictly following the ancient recipes which made them famous. Very often, both the products and their producers have won recognition at a national or even international level.


Popular Products