The porcino is an aromatic and plump mushroom, also called by the ancient Romans Suillus because of its chubby pork like shape; porcino is the Italian translation from Latin. It is a symbiotic and gregarious mushroom, as it grows in crops. This cream has the very intense distinctive sweet earthly scent of the Porcini and is ideal as a spread for a wide range of canapés with other ingredients and also superb with roast meats, vegetables or as a seasoning for meat based sauce pasta or risotto.

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Cook the pasta (tagliatelle, rigatoni, penne or any other you prefer) and add the Porcini mushroom cream, sprinkle with fresh parsley and serve; perfect seasoning a risotto and also a very nice spread on bruschette and canapes.


An ancient Greek legend tells the story of Perseus, that was tired and thirsty after a long journey, so he stopped and drank water from a mushroom cap; he then decided to found a new capital city there and called it Mycenae (Mykes is mushroom in ancient Greek), thus originating one of the most important civilizations of the past.



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